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WJHC AM - Theatrical Trailer

Based on True Events... and One Big Lie

Released May 2022 on Tubi, Plex, Local Now, ASY TV and beyond!

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A smart ass DJ wants to start a career in radio, but the only place that will hire him is an old Southern Gospel Radio station. His first night shift happens during Y2K AND the rapture. Literally, all hell breaks loose.

Cousin Vinnie Cousin Vinnie is trying to break into radio, and the only job he can get is at a fledgling Southern Gospel station in a small town in East Tennessee. He's not too hip on the ways of the people at this station, and the feeling is mutual. Fitting in may never happen for Vinnie, but when the clock strikes twelve and judgment is at hand, can he save the station and his co-workers?
Sister Nancy Sister Nancy is a harsh, cold boss. She is a judgmental woman, yet has glaring flaws like chain smoking late into her pregnancy. There seems to be a lot of layers to the station manager, and her prickly shell may mask an interesting past. If it falls on her shoulders to save the station and her employees when Armageddon knocks on the station's front door, she'll be ready.
Brother Arlo This pot smoking station engineer may seem affable and friendly on the outside, but even his unprofessional bathrobe that he wears everyday can't hide the fact that this is a big man capable of handling himself during the great tribulation. Rumor has it that this apparent pacifist has a dark side that WJHC may need when the end of days is at hand.


It's a hit! WJHC AM was the highest rated Horror/ Comedy of 2022 with a 9.6 rating! Boo-Ya!

WJHC AM Hits #9!!!

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Directed by
Vinnie Vineyard & Luke Walker

Produced by
Vinnie Vineyard

Executive Producer
Todd "TNT" Turner

Written by
Vinnie Vineyard

Vinnie Vineyard
Tracy Yaste
Luke Walker
Sheena Layne
Travis Graves
Keith Gavins
Kirby Simon
Amy Hale
Davaion Bristol

Edited by
Vinnie Vineyard

Production Managers
Amber Schultz
Tracy Yaste
Kirby Simon

Distributed By
Burning Bulb Publishing