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Survival is Horror

To Be Released Winter 2021

A 13 year old boy is chased out of Camp Smokey by a group of crazed monsters that wipes out the entire camp within minutes. Never rescued, the boy grows up to be a man in the forest, and survives solely by hiding, running, and killing the demons that are trying to take over the planet, one careful, meticulous attack at a time.

The Boy A 13 year old boy, very large for his age but extremely awkward and shy, witnesses one of the most horrific and bloody acts of violence in modern history. Clumsily escaping with his life, the boy must hide from the monsters that killed all of his friends and counselors and survive in the wilderness alone until help arrives.
The Man The boy, never rescued, grows up to be man in the wilderness. Scavenging, hiding, killing; this new world that has been taken over by demons affords little luxury for this emotionally stunted wild man, who now carefully kills the demons he encounters in the woods in a futile effort to save the planet from the monsters.
Camp Counselor Vinnie The boy's favorite camp counselor, Vanessa "Vinnie" Turner, may be the key to bringing this child, now a grown man, back into a safe haven in this new, horrible world. Did she survive the initial onslaught of the camp and somehow find this remarkable child that has survived for so long on his own?

Directed by
Luke Walker

Produced by
Vinnie Vineyard

Executive Producer
Todd "TNT" Turner

Written by
Luke Walker

Luke Walker
Mikey Walker
Kandi Thompson
Travis Graves
Kirby Simon
Sheena Layne
Vinnie Vineyard
Vito Thomaselli
Garland Robinson
Brittany Knappen
Tracy Yaste
Keith Gavins
Tony "Hack" Covington
Danny Whitmer

Edited by
Vinnie Vineyard

Production Managers
Amber Schultz
Tracy Yaste
Kirby Simon

Distributed By
Chip Taylor Communications, LLC